7 Mobile marketing mistakes that you can avoid

Since mobile devices appeared in our lives, consumerism and everything we knew about it changed completely. We use them to connect with our beloved ones, but also to read newspapers and shopping. People have become extremely attached to their mobiles and consider them their must-have accessories. If you look at all these with the eyes of a marketer, you quickly understand that mobile marketing is here to stay and is changing the rules of the old marketing you knew. ccAdvertising also deals with digital marketing agencies. Target audiences’ tastes, habits and behavioral patterns researches simplify Lead Generation processes.

So, is mobile marketing easy to implement? Like other marketing strategies, it has a lot of particularities. Below you can find the most common mobile marketing mistakes that you can easily avoid.

  1. You fail to optimize your website for mobile

The number of people using mobile devices is becoming bigger each year. Thus, optimizing your website for mobile is mandatory. Unfortunately, there are many marketers who send their customers to their website’s desktop version. For a client who is used to spending hours on his mobile, this option becomes unacceptable. So, marketers should understand that by optimizing their website, they are exploiting a huge opportunity which can expand their market.

  1. Building an app without a clear marketing plan

You understood that you need to shift to mobile marketing. But, do you have a clear strategy for it? Most probably you already heard that your number of clients will increase if you launch a mobile app. It is very important to create a positive image for your app. You can be proactive and encourage your clients to leave a positive review after they purchase your products.

  1. You assume that your clients will easily come back

A common mistake is related to retention. You may think that if you built a beautiful app, your clients will easily come back to it. But, do you offer them something unique and interesting for each visit? Is your app novelty-driven? These are some questions you should ask yourself before you launch an app for your business. The answers to these questions will also keep you away from making the mistake of spending your money on launching an app without knowing what you can do with it.

  1. You fail to offer advantages for the clients who use your app

Many of your customers will visit your store and use their mobile devices to compare your prices to the ones of your competitors. Thus, if you fail to offer any discounts or coupons when your clients check-in on your app, they will most likely be more attracted to come back for more. Otherwise, they will go to your competitors where they can find the same product at a lower price.

  1. You tend to target too much

While it is important to target your audience, you may personalize your messages too much. Instead of helping your business move forward, too much targeting can actually have negative effects. Individualized marketing is good, but you may end up diminishing your target group to the minimum and thus not giving your business the chance to evolve.

  1. You use too much content

Think for a second how big your smartphone’s screen is. Not too big, isn’t it? Then think how tired your customers will feel if they see their screen full of content. It will become very difficult for them to understand your message and they will most probably shift to your competitors’ site. Use strong keywords that catch the attention and clear content that will make your clients loyal to your brand.

  1. Your messages are too generic

How would you react if you received a message without a clear purpose behind it? Would you come back to that company to check if there are any surprises for you? Of course not! This means that all your messages should have a purpose behind it and make your clients take a specific action.

In conclusion, mobile marketing is offering a lot of opportunities to expand your business. You can use it in multiple ways and address to a wider market. So better keep an eye on the mistakes above and learn how you can avoid them.


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