About ccAdvertising

ccAdvertising is fundamentally a survey and database company, which utilizes a patented (patents pending) Interactive Voice Response – Speech Recognition (IVRSR) medium it created called, ccAdvertising.

Political Issues and Campaigns

ccAdvertising utilizes its patented (patents pending) Interactive Voice Response – Speech Recognition (IVRSR) method to ensure that our political, public policy and service organization clients have their messages reach the households they have targeted, usually based on location or anticipated household demographics. That’s right into a state, Congressional District, state legislative district, city, block or 9-digit zip-code. This is done by utilizing either client-provided voter files and/or our own in-house database of over 120 million records (updated regularly) that lists the Congressional, State House, State Senate and 9-digit zip code of every home listed.

Market and Product Research

ccAdvertising also engages in the accumulation, dissemination and distribution of market data research obtained in our public surveys. Our surveys are both unique and effective for our clients due to the 120 million record (household) database from which voluntary responses to survey questions are recorded.

Emergency Notification

The ccAdvertising database and Interactive Voice Response – Speech Recognition (IVRSR) systems can be used to target and notify citizens of impending chemical, biological, environmental or terrorist threats. Since the phone system is the only utility that works when the power goes out, the ccAdvertising system and its unique interactive and communicative features can be used to notify and then continually update citizens in a neighborhood, city, county or state of the status of emergency services and facility repairs. The ccAdvertising systems are housed in one of the most secure telecommunications facilities in America and will remain operational long after most other public utility systems are rendered inoperative.