Benefits of ccAdvertising

ccAdvertising takes place over a period of time determined by the client, in a specifically defined geographic area or demographic group.

The best way to summarize how ccAdvertising works is the following statement: “Constituents and Consumers do not want to hear what you have to say – They want you to hear what they have to say!”

A ccAdvertising survey is distributed into targeted areas, defined by location or household demographics accessing the 120 million records ccAdvertising maintains in its database. By focusing on live answers, ccAdvertising collects information as to how that consumer responds to the survey. Each survey consists of up to 1-minute of unique questions that provide information about products, campaign, goods or services.

ccAdvertising completes surveys with pricing ranging from $0.10 to $0.15 per targeted home depending on the size of the survey. Our surveys include: 1) up to three attempts per record, allowing for busies and unanswered calls; 2) live answer calls with multiple questions (up to one minute of total airtime); 3) leaving a client’s advocacy message on an answering machine (when allowed) and; 4) providing all data from the campaign to the client.