Effective Sales Force

An effective sales force is essential for any organizations success. It is not optional. The key to developing and effective sales force is sales skills training. There are people that already possess the basic skills naturally, but they cannot perform effectively without training. There is no such thing as a born sales person. Selling is a behavior that is learned in one way or another. Often, people assume that certain behaviors or personalities automatically make an individual a better salesperson. That is just not true. Some may be successfully by using their relationship skills or by attaining extraordinary product skills.…

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7 Mobile marketing mistakes that you can avoid

Since mobile devices appeared in our lives, consumerism and everything we knew about it changed completely. We use them to connect with our beloved ones, but also to read newspapers and shopping. People have become extremely attached to their mobiles and consider them their must-have accessories. If you look at all these with the eyes of a marketer, you quickly understand that mobile marketing is here to stay and is changing the rules of the old marketing you knew.¬†ccAdvertising also deals with digital marketing agencies. Target audiences’ tastes, habits and behavioral patterns researches simplify Lead Generation processes. So, is mobile…

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