What is ccAdvertising?

ccAdvertising complies with the rules, regulations and requirements contained in the Federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) of 1991 and subsequent rulings by the FCC and FTC. This applies to all such federal regulations as they relate to the use of pre-recorded surveys used for political, commercial and emergency notification purposes. The concepts and technologies being employed are so novel that ccAdvertising has filed patents (pending) on the ccAdvertising process, its use of databases in the development of its call lists and its permission advertising components.

How does ccAdvertising benefit the consumer?

Consumers who receive a ccAdvertisement get the chance to express their views and have them counted and relayed to organizations that provide the goods and services that they use and to those that represent them at every level of government. We can also inform you of local, regional or national emergencies when other methods are rendered useless by power outages or due to the time of day the emergency occurs.

How does ccAdvertising benefit the advertiser?

Clients who choose to work with ccAdvertising get a chance to directly reach customers with the patented ccAdvertising technology. Clients benefit from the increased knowledge and presence, while the respondents, who might otherwise never know about a candidate, issue, company, product or offerings, benefit from being able to directly communicate with businesses their desires, needs, wants, concerns and opinions.
Answers for those who may not like ccAdvertising.

Since ccAdvertising began operations, we have initiated tens of millions of surveys into households and businesses nationwide. Even though our response rates and statistics show a very favorable rate of acceptance for ccAdvertising, ccAdvertising acknowledges that there will be people who do not want any more ccAdvertisements delivered to their home. To support these people we subscribe to and comply with the National Do Not Call law registry, including the exceptions provided. In addition we make it very easy for all respondents to “opt out” and have ccAdvertising never survey them again. Anyone preferring not to receive any more ccAdvertising survey calls can request to be removed from our call list as well.

What did ccAdvertising Patent?

Simply put, ccAdvertising patented (patents pending) the method, process and technology advancements used in ccAdvertising to comport with the Telephone Consumer Protection Act of 1991 and its subsequent revisions.

ccAdvertising intends to utilize the ccAdvertising patents to ensure that our unique form of Interactive Voice Response – Speech Recognition (IVRSR) survey and communication is used for the benefit of those who want to receive ccAdvertising calls and to protect those who do not.