CCAdvertising provides automated call systems, influences public opinion and market data researches. We conduct personalized telephone surveys, political polling, Get Out The Vote Messages, Constituent Communication, Franking, and Lead Generation with very great results.


Market and Product Research

We accumulate, disseminate and distribute market data research from our public surveys. We have a 120 million household database from which the responses to survey questions are recorded.


Emergency Notifications

We target and notify citizens of impending chemical, environmental and terrorist threats. Our database and Interactive Voice Response – Speech Recognition system works when the power goes out. Our system has very unique interactive and communicative features that notify and update citizens continually within a city, county or state of the emergency services status and facility repairs. The systems are housed in the safest telecommunication facilities in America and plan to remain in operation for as long as public utility systems are still operational.


Political Issues and Campaigns

We offer public policy, political and organizational services to clients. Our messaging target is usually anticipated household demographics. We use client-provided voter files or our very own in-house database of 120 million household records that have congressional, state house, state senate and 9-digit zip code of the home lists in our possession.



Our rate card for these services is available on our site. The prices are competitive and pocket-friendly. You can also make inquiries through our customer support team.