Shopping Behavior of American Subculture Groups

The United States has a demographic composition of varied culture groups such as the African Americans, Hispanic Americans, and Asian Americans among others. Each of these ethnic groups has its own unique market characteristics, and they often display that during the shopping escapades. The purchasing behavior of each group is what marketers and entrepreneurs employ to evaluate and establish a convenient market position. To understand further the shopping trends and behavior of these subcultures of America’s population, it is prudent to establish the defining characteristics of each ethnic unit, and identify what make them unique from others.


According to a report by The Nielsen Company, African Americans shop more frequently than the other subcultures. Despite them shopping more often, the African Americans are more likely to spend less as compared to the other ethnic groups, which purchase less frequently. The report highlights the fact that the African American purchase products in smaller quantities based on their need to stock up rather than necessity to have a product in possession.

The behavior is also attributed to the existence of periodical shopping deals that every African American desires to take advantage of whenever they become available. According to the report, African Americans made 12.5 more trips per household over the past one year than the non-African Americans. Despite their trip dominance, African Americans households averaged $8 per trip less than the other ethnic groups per household. However, the same report shows that the African Americans make fewer trips than the non-African Americans do do when it comes to the purchase of groceries and visitation of warehouse clubs. In addition, within the family set up of African American families, the women make decisions about the shopping needs of the family.

Hispanic American

The Hispanic Americans on the other hand are believed to higher spenders online than the non-Hispanics according to The NPD Group. According to the global information company (NPD), the Hispanics spend approximately 20 percent of their money on the online platform, a figure that is 3 percent higher than that of all Americans. For every shopping visit, the Spanish-speaking community spends more money than the non-Hispanics. The figure is $8 more than what the non-Hispanics spend. Some of their favorite purchases at every visit include accessories, video games, footwear, music, and footwear among others. For every visit a Hispanic makes to a retail shop, the likely items to be purchased are shoes and jewelry, which make up 25 percent of their purchase visits.

According to Roberto Ruiz, executive vice president of strategy & Insights at Univision Communications Inc., the Hispanics have made shopping a family affair where they normally go shopping as a group consisting of family members. Their specialties in buying include groceries, general merchandise, and drugs. In addition, being such a culture group that like the social media, the Hispanics are more likely to use the online platform to search and learn about the market as compared to the non-Hispanics.

Asian American businesswoman

According to the report by Nielsen Company, the Asian Americans lead in impulse buying of all the demographic composition of the United States. Besides, the Asians lead the other ethnic groups when it comes to online shopping. They also prefer shopping at Costco and Saks to Wal-Mart. According to Mac Gutierrez, a coffee vendor, the Asian Americans would normally request for quality products that offer them value for money rather than quantity. The population of Asian origin is also more likely to swap products in order to get better quality. It is also evident that there is a high demand for culturally sensitive merchandise and services for Asian Americans because this would prompt them to purchase more.

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